Powder by Kevin Sampson


Kevin Sampson

This is the sex-and-drugs-and-rock-n-roll novel that ruthlessly takes the lid off the music biz. The story charts the Grams' rise to fame and tracks the group as they lose it in an orgy of envy, excitement and excess. This 500 pager is a long haul that will test your limits, but it's full of driving energy, humour and disturbing insights into the rock psyche that will repay handsomely the reading time invested.

The party was riotous. Ally Bland had conjured a carnal, animal, delirious atmosphere with a pumping garage soundtrack and a mirage of sophistication. Everybody was either beautiful or famous awash with pills and powder. Everybody wanted to buttonhole the group, shake their hand, have a quick word - and no one was in more demand than Keva.
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Explicit sexual content