The Year of the Flood by Margaret Atwood

The Year of the Flood

Margaret Atwood

The narrative toggles between the ecological disaster of the present and flashbacks to the sociopolitical fragmentation which led to it, making for a powerful prophetic warning. Would it have happened if green spirituality hadn't been quite so, well, smelly? Or so easily marginalised? These characters are very believable extrapolations of our eco warriors and sexploitation moguls.

'I think,' said Adam One, 'that it would be best for your safety, dear Toby, and also for the safety of the Garden, if we were to place you in one of our Truffle niches in the Exfernal World. You can be of much use to us there. We'll ask our pleebrat connections to spread the news that you are no longer among us. perhaps your foe may then lack motivation, and we will be protected from aggression from that quarter, at least for the moment. How soon can we move her?' he asked Zeb.
'Consider it done,' said Zeb.
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