Children of the Sun by Max Schaefer

Children of the Sun

Max Schaefer

A book about secretly gay neo-nazis is always going to have limited appeal. Add to this the very explicit violence and you know this isn’t going to be an easy read. That said, if you can accept the necessary (but challenging) violence and language, then this is a strangely compelling read. And one that until I started I would never have envisaged reading and almost enjoying.

The first skins are crossing the roundabout now and Tony watches the appalled faces of the blacks as they cotton on. They're young and mostly male, like the skins, but unprepared: there is pointing jostling visible alarm. A few slip away and the queue loses its shape as more quickly follow, round the cinema or inside, and like chemistry as this dispersal reaches a critical point the skins break step and start running full-tilt, shouting, 'Skinheads rule', or 'Niggers go home' or just shouting. The ground opens up before Tony and casting a this-is-it look back at Dave and Steve throws himself into it.
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Explicit sexual content