The Last Days by Andrew Masterton

The Last Days

Andrew Masterton

Jesus Christ is alive and well and selling drugs in Melbourne! Joe Panther is a self appointed private detective but he thinks he is more than that. A gripping and disturbing story of drugs, death and the church! Blasphemous and violent.


I am thoroughly dislikable. I know that. I amperfectly aware of that. I am obnoxious, obscene, violent, lustful in my thoughts and bitter in my memories. I am untrustworthy, deceitful, opportunist, sly,brutal, usurious, unstable, uncharitable and vengeance always is mine. I am a drunkard and a drug abuser. I am capricious and heretic, appalling and cruel. I am the son of Man.

  • Complicity by Iain Banks

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