Flying Leap by Judy Budnitz

Flying Leap

Judy Budnitz

Highly believable characters in highly unbelievable situations. At times unsettling, mostly intriguing and always original.

The doctors told us her heart won't last much longer. Her old ticker is ticking its last, unless something is done. 'What can be done?' the aunts cried.
'We can fix it,' said the doctors. 'She needs a new one, a transplant.'
'Then give her one!' the aunts cried.
'It's not that easy,' said the doctors. 'We need a donor.'
'Arnie,' Nina said 'what about your heart?'
'My heart!' I shouted. 'Are you crazy? ...
'You're young. You're strong. You have a college education! Your heart is exactly what she needs.'
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