Bring Me the Head of Ryan Giggs by Rodge Glass

Bring Me the Head of Ryan Giggs

Rodge Glass

Sheer genius. Mikey Wilson will stay with you. A tale of male bonding, talent, rivalry, loyalty, jealousy, hopes, disappointments, coping and not coping, set to the background of the mighty Man Utd team of 1992 - Beckham, Scholes and, of course, Ryan Giggs. Even if you hate football, you will not want to miss reading this book. That is, if you have any interest in the male psyche. Rodge Glass, he shoots, he scores. A triumph.

Butty gets his debut first (with a cheeky look your way and a wink as he goes on - you're basically blood brothers now), then a few minutes later, it comes. You get the call to go over the top. Saddle up and ride. Put on your armour, strap on those shin pads and come join the war against the mighty Oldham Athletic: not historically a major foe, but not one you're about to underestimate either. Not after all this time.
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