Looking Through Letterboxes by Caroline Bird

Looking Through Letterboxes

Caroline Bird

Readers with a taste for the playful and gently absurd aspects of everyday life will love Caroline Bird's debut collection. Firmly rooted in sub-urban domesticity, these poems mix traditional story telling with a youthful vision. This is a new poetic world worth exploring.


I've never played scrabble with the queen.
And the deliberate tilting, then dropping,
of strangers on the dance floor
seems to have passed me by.
I've never fainted on the spot,
or annoyingly ruffled your hair.
Still have yet to shrug, half smile
and say, 'It's not me, it's you,'
to strut, restrain a backwards glance.
Never tottered, drunk on high-heels,
into a fountain. Never had an occasion rise to me.

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