See What I Have Done by Sarah Schmidt

See What I Have Done

Sarah Schmidt

This terrifyingly claustrophobic account of life and death in the Borden household is a great addition to the sub-genre of fictionalised accounts of historical crimes. Personally I love such books and I list in the parallels three of my favourites including, in first place, the one that started my addiction.
I also recommend looking for the short story 'The Sisterhood' by Gwendoline Butler for a really off the wall look at Lizzie.


'What happened today. Lizzie?' I needed to hear it all, did not want to hear it all.
'Nobody would understand.' Lizzie looked past my shoulder towards the guestroom.
I leaned closer. 'What happened?'
'I can't be too sure.' Lizzie's breath was fire in my ear.

  • The Minion by Rafael Sabatini
  • Fred and Edie by Jill Dawson
  • Axeman's Blues by Ray Celestin

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