The Precipice by Ben Bova

The Precipice

Ben Bova

Global warming is bringing disaster to Earth. Dan Randolph wants to exploit the Asteroid Belt to save the situation. So why would anyone want to stop him? This is an exciting science fiction story with more than a touch of the 'boardroom drama'. It can be read as a single story but if you're hungry for more there are some sequels to follow.


Zachery Freiberg had devoted his life to the effort to mitigate the greenhouse disaster. ...

'So how's it going?' Dan asked him.
Freiberg shook his head. 'We're shovelling shit against the tide. There's just no way we can reduce greenhouse emissions enough to make a difference.'
'But, I thought-'
'We've been working our butts off for ... how long has it been? Ten years? Not even a dent. When we started, fossil fuel burning pumped six billion tons of carbon dioxode into the air every year. Know how much we're putting out now?'
Dan shook his head.
'Five point three billion tons,' Frieberg said, almost angrily.
Dan grunted.

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