Archipelago by Monique Roffey


Monique Roffey

After a flood destroys their home and family, Gavin, his young daughter Ocean and their dog, Susie set out in their boat 'Romany' to sail from Trinidad to the Galapagos Islands. Distraught with grief they discover the wonders of the ocean, and Gavin gradually comes to terms with the past. The voyage is so vividly described you can’t help but feel part of it. Loved it!

They pass very close to the tooth of rock, as they do so, three dolphins appear off the starboard bow, one of them all piebald with pink-and-grey skin. Three dolphins swim to meet them.
Look at that. He points. Can you see them?
Ocean is transfixed. What are they Daddy?
Dolphins, can you see?
She nods.
Three dolphins, their sleek bodies and dorsal fins arch through the water in innate synchronicity. They fan out and upwards from the white caps like three movie stars appearing on a stage, like three acrobats, glamorous in spangles and tights.
Woo hoo, he shouts at them in appreciation. Ocean claps and laughs. It's exactly then that the sea begins to pitch.
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