All Hail the New Puritans by Nicholas Blincoe and Matt Thorne

All Hail the New Puritans

Nicholas Blincoe and Matt Thorne

This highly entertaining selection of short stories from 15 authors currently working in the British literary scene gives a varied, interesting and witty view of contemporary life.

For the next three weeks, fish is a touchy subject. We don't even have fish on Fridays now, which I'm quite pleased about as it means I don't have to go to the fish and chip shop any more. I've had to give all our emergency tins of salmon to the old people down the road, and I have to censor the newspapers before Mark's father can read them. Luckily there's never much news about fish, but you can't ever be sure what they're going to have in the Mail.

from Mind Control by Scarlett Thomas

  • Exhibitionism by Toby Litt
  • The Dog Catcher by Alexei Sayle
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