Lying Awake by Mark Salzman

Lying Awake

Mark Salzman

The strongly spiritual start might put off a non Christian reader and the book explores a nun's quest for God's will and the strength to accept it. But insights into a cloistered life are in turns humorous and moving and the main character will have your sympathy.

God is present in illness as He is in health - maybe even more so. All that matters is that we accept what is offered, and trust in Him completely.

When the doctor stood up to leave, she forced a smile. 'Peace be with you, Doctor.' She was so used to the exchange of blessing that when he answered with only, 'Have a great day', she felt the absence. She could no longer remember what it felt like to live apart from God, to act without an awareness of God.

How blessed I am to know that God is real. What a gift, to know that God's love never fails.

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