The Colour of Water by Angela Green

The Colour of Water

Angela Green

A story of love and obsession. Forced out from living in her husband's shadow, a middle aged woman finds the past catching up with her. Moving between the present and the past, the story slowly unfolds to reveal the dark secrets which love often chooses to ignore. The gentle style of the narrative lulls you into a relaxed state, and mutes what is at times a powerful story.

In the months that followed Vincent's funeral, grief, if that was what it was, crept up on her slowly and oddly. The happiness she remembered gradually faded until all memory of it ... had melted away. Now the rooms had an echo she had never heard when Vincent was there. In life, she realised, he had filled the house, had filled her existence. His likes and dislikes, his foibles and irritabilities, his enthusiasm and contradictions had absorbed all available space, and without him she was apparently ... nothing.
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