Lyrics Alley by Leila Aboulela

Lyrics Alley

Leila Aboulela

As Sudan prepares for independence, conflicts within society are explored through the trials and tribulations of the Abuzeid family. Although gentle and poetic, the actions of successful businessman Mahmoud’s battling wives may shock. An interesting, nostalgic and enjoyable read.

Waheeba did not repeat her girl’s invitation. She knew that he would be having lunch with Nabilah. His days of lunching with her were over. Today, seeing the hoash quiet after what must have been the bustle of the past days, Mahmoud felt a faint pity for his wife. His illness had given her a role to play but now that he was better, she would recede into the background. In his mind, he associated her with decay and ignorance. He would never regret marrying Nabilah. It was not a difficult choice between the stagnant past and the glitter of the future, between crudeness and sophistication.
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