Ridin an Risin by Jacob Ross and Andrea Enisuoh (eds)

Ridin an Risin

Jacob Ross and Andrea Enisuoh (eds)

This anthology of short stories from new black writers will leave you feeling refreshed. All the stories are original with an underlying sensitivity. Some of the writing is colloquial and a little difficult to read at first but you get used to it and it's worth the effort.


We all sat in the car cracking jokes about each other and the rave. At the same time watching people enter and leave the house. Suddenly a figure I was familiar with came strolling out of the house. It was Steven. Behind him a tall slim girl came out. 'Wait dere! Ain' that Steven?' Michelle whispered. 'Who's dat gyal he's with?' asked Sharon. I couldn't believe what I was seeing.

  • When de Mark Buss by Geoffrey Philip and others
  • The Scholar by Courttia Newland

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