Weatherman by Anthony Cropper


Anthony Cropper

Different. Confusing. Worth reading just for the chapter titles. I found this book deeply depressing (not meant as a pun), but also beautiful and haunting. Do try it.


Out that way the sky's gigantic. It's turned to a kind of metallic grey. It makes the fields look greener. It makes everything look sharper. Over there, behind us, towards the river, you can see Ken's house. It looks like it's rusting. The bricks are red, crumbly, dusty.
You know where we are; we're at this table way out in the fields and we're playing dominoes like we've never played before. From the room at the back of Ken's house you'd be able to see us in the distance but you'd hardly notice us. From a distance we're tiny, insignificant.

  • Swimmer by Bill Broady
  • Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck
  • Waterland by Graham Swift

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