De-iced by Susan Wicks


Susan Wicks

Susan Wicks will take you on a strange journey - not just through the landscapes of England and New England, but through the landscape of the mind. It is a disturbing but rewarding journey, revealing some dark corners of the soul.

How when it was little and it snowed
he'd pretend to be angry - he'd say
"Curse the weather!" - turning aside
to look at me slyly. Now I can see
him standing at my window looking out
at the white path, the white garden
tapering to a point, the white-iced slats
of the fence, the snow-bank leading
to the railway, while at his elbow I
collapse with laughter.
If we could still exist
it would be in that whirling sky
where he raises his fist
to the glass, letting the curses fly
like snowflakes, and I squeal with joy.

MacDowell Winter 13
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