Bedtime by Clare Pollard


Clare Pollard

Clare Pollard is a passionate young poet who wears her heart on her sleeve. Many of the best poems here are monologues by characters as diverse as the Marquis de Sade's wife, Caravaggio and an un-named, suicidal father. The poems are intense, political, sexual (some with stong language) and, for the most part, formally well wrought. The tone varies from fragile and sorrowful to bitter and mocking. As well as the monologues, there are several poems which address contemporary issues such as reality TV, BSE, atheism and child murderers.


Tracey Emin lives down the road from me, and
recently's had notable acclaim
due to a certain bed. As poetry's
in need of press, I thought I'd do the same -
show you the place I slept and dreamt and came!
Admittedly, it's not in the best taste,
but self-promotion must be in-yer-face.

from My Bed

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Explicit sexual content