The Sex Life of my Aunt by Mavis Cheek

The Sex Life of my Aunt

Mavis Cheek

Heavy irony rather than slapstick humour, this is the anatomy of an affair going nowhere even though the participants refuse to believe it. You will live through the emotional roller coaster experienced by the main protagonist, gasping occasionally at the sticky situations a seemingly sane person can create. If you ever thought an affair would brighten your dull life? Think twice!

Guilt is a very dreaful thing. Francis was asking me very reasonable questions in a very reasonable voice. I was listening to those very reasonable questions in that very reasonable voice as if he was a combination of the Stasi and the Gestapo.

'What is this?' I said sharply. 'The third degree?'Then I tried to laugh.'Tee hee' came out sounding as if I had strangled the budgie.

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