Strange Boy by Paul Magrs

Strange Boy

Paul Magrs

If you grew up knowing you were different but not knowing why, or even how you were supposed to feel, you will recognise David. The everyday language and thoughts of a ten year-old make this novel very real, and the superb glossary will bring back many memories of growing up in the 1970s.

We're running through the woods.
We're crashing through the dark water of the burn that runs through our town and we're shinning up and down the trees of this whole wilderness.
That's what I'm doing with my best mate, John. And today's the day I decide to tell him about my special powers. My magical powers. I reckon today's the day to do it. We're both pretty worn out and red in the face from running about and everything. It's the kind of day when you can come out and say just about anything. The first thing that comes into your head.
I'm ten and he's fourteen or something.
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