Jake and Mimi by Frank Baldwin

Jake and Mimi

Frank Baldwin

This S & M thriller is not for the faint hearted. New York seducer, Jake, likes his women to be submissive in bed. This fascinates his colleague Mimi, who is drawn to him though she's about to be married to Mark. There is a danger that the sexually explicit nature of this novel could distract you from the plot, however there are sinister surprises along the way and one or two enjoyable twists at the end.

The lie to Mark was thrilling. It's terrible, but it was thrilling, and ever since I've felt an ... excitement, an urgency I've never known. As if, at last, I'm truly living. Living in the moment, the colors around me - the blue of the awning, the black of the maitre d's suit - close and vivid, and the sounds - the snap of a purse - sharp alluring.
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Explicit sexual content