Girls by Nic Kelman


Nic Kelman

I found the narrative flow slightly confusing at first until I concluded that rather than a single story this is really a string of distinct episodes linked by theme. Although both cover illustration and blurb hint at pornographic content, it's more likely to cause introspection rather than arousal in the reader. Plenty of explicit sex but there is a melancholic feel to the procession of anonymous men seeking meaning from coition.

You are asleep when she finds Clay standing in the bedroom, naked, washing his face, your dog at his feet. Are asleep when they look at each other and grin, sheepishly. Are asleep when she finds herself unable to avoid glancing down between his legs, when she looks up to find Clay still looking at her but no longer sheepish. Asleep when she finds herself shooting the dog, reluctant to move, out of the bathroom, finds herself making the space to kneel.
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Explicit sexual content