Come Closer by Sara Gran

Come Closer

Sara Gran

I really liked Amanda - and felt very disturbed as her previously happy life begins to slip out of her control. She finds herself stubbing out cigarettes on her husband, sleeping with strangers, blacking out and worse. The story of her possession is dark, sinister and very believable.

'Someone's watching you,' she finally said. 'She's right next to you. Beautiful, but black. Evil. Have you tried to get rid of her?'
This wasn't so good for a laugh. This was less funny by the moment. 'Who is it?' I asked.
'It's not a who,' Maria answered. 'It's a what. A demon. I see her; she has long black hair and pointy teeth.'
'Are you sure she's a demon?'
Maria nodded. 'No one else has a black aura like that. So you haven't tried to get rid of it?'
I shook my head. 'I didn't know.'
'You really didn't know what that was?' Maria asked. Her voice was suspicious. I had a sick nervous feeling as she looked at me; it reminded me of being in school without having done my homework. I felt like I had been caught at something naughty.
'No,' I told her. 'How was I supposed to know?'
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