Depth of Field by Sue Hubbard

Depth of Field

Sue Hubbard

An account of Hannah, as she attempts to find herself. Her marriage has failed and she moves from the country to the East End of London in search of her Jewish roots, and through her passion for photography she attempts to make sense of her life. A somewhat uncomfortable novel highlighting the richness and variety of the world whilst painting the bleak business of living in it.


This is my favourite picture. A gusty Saturday afternoon. The kite a blue smudge snaking and twisting high above the heath, as Liam shows Jush how to pull and manoeuvre the string. Annie is watching wide-eyed and beaming. It hurts to see them all together. It's easy for him. They aren't his responsibility. He can walk away.

  • The Swimmer by Bill Broady
  • The Wild by Esther Freud

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