In Clara's Hands by Joseph Olshan

In Clara's Hands

Joseph Olshan

I found this novel truly thought provoking. At times, the subject matter is tragic but it's conveyed in a sensitive and humorous way. It deals with death (for example, suicide) and yet each form is given the respect that it deserves. Do persevere right until the last page, where each character attempts to resolve their personal relationships - it's worth it.

For some reason, the music pierced through Clara and brought tears to her eyes. It seemed to be stretching toward something far in the past. Striking the nerves of painful memory, it finally reached what ached her, the truly hurtful part of her life. And then in her mind's eye arose a view of the boys, the sons who did leave her. First there was Ralphie Mayfield, brain juked up so till he didn't even know he was jumping into the sea. And then Danny Kaplan who schemed into a forbidden place and down a mountainside too fast for his own good.
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