Clubland by Kevin Sampson


Kevin Sampson

The idea of transforming a forgotten run-down part of Liverpool into a mecca for sex tourists is an intriguing one. The language is explicit and the sex is graphic but not out of place in the fast-moving action between all the opposing sides.


All's I wanted was a little chat, but he's made that very, very difficult, now. It's hard enough to chat when only one of you wants to talk. It's harder still when you've got a plazzy bag over your head, in all fairness to the boy.
He's give me no choice. He would not listen to reason, so I've had to calm him down. I didn't want to mark him up again, so I just give him the one slap. Just a backhander to shut him up. I pulled him into the passenger seat and that's when I seen the plazzy bag on the floor. Lovely bags they give you at that Carphone Warehouse.

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