Ruby by Cynthia Bond


Cynthia Bond

Ephram Jennings has loved Ruby Bell since they were children, but Ruby is now a woman broken by years of abuse. This is a beautifully written novel about the redemptive power of compassion and love. Although I was intrigued by the supernatural elements of the story, scenes of sexual violence against women and children made for a read which pushed me to the limits of my endurance.

Ruby saw something in his eyes. It was akin to respect, and shone like a candle. It was so bright, the light entered her, so she couldn't help but look around. In that instant Ruby saw the walls of her own soul, saw things sparkling there she had never thought to look upon. Pictures of women, old, ancient with eyes like eagles, hands with love burning. She saw Maggie. There were sparkling lights lining the walls, gemstones gleaming. There was a lifetime of learning scribbled there, and a march towards life in spite of the hell that had been dealt her.
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