Tatiana and Alexander by Paullina Simons

Tatiana and Alexander

Paullina Simons

I had sympathy with Tatiana, alone and pregnant in a foreign country, but I felt cross with Alexander's parents for their decision, on idealogical grounds, to live in Russia and become Russian citizens. This is a love story with suspense, many characters in the Russian tradition, parallel stories and thoughts spoken aloud. I enjoyed the book very much; I felt involved and appreciated the need to be aware of all the strands when they came together at the end.

But what Dimitri did not do was tell Mekhlis about Tatiana. He wanted to ruin Alexander, that much was clear. It had been clear to Tatiana from the start, to her who saw right through people - Dimitri had demonic intentions and she had told Alexander so. They had been careful, they hid themselves, they pretended they were bare acquaintances, they had maintained casual appearances, but when Dimitri found Tatiana's white dress with the red roses in Alexander's rucksack, he knew. And then Dimitri found out about their secret marriage. He knew he had them both and he was going to stop at nothing to ruin them. And didn't.
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