Child's Play by Kia Abdullah

Child's Play

Kia Abdullah

There’s a new crime organisation on the block and its target is paedophiles. When Allegra is made redundant from her graphic design job she is recruited by a very sexy agent controller for this organisation. But the price she, her family and her friends pay for her involvement is a high one. Graphic, disturbing and at times painful to read, but it grips you to the end.

Furious, she took out the DVD and tried to split it in two. When it refused to break she stormed to the kitchen and threw it in the bin. She lifted the bag and walked out of her apartment, and threw it into the communal bin outside. She didn’t want it in her living room. She didn’t want it in her apartment or under her skin or in her life.
She turned back to her apartment door and did a double take. There, in all his righteous glory, stood Michael Stallone. Clad in a perfectly tailored wool overcoat, his powerful frame towered over Allegra.
‘You bastard’, she snarled, stunned into aggression. ‘How dare you?’ Lost in fury, she launched into him physically, forcing him away from her apartment, away from her body, away from her life.
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