Missing by Karin Alvtegen


Karin Alvtegen

You'll find yourself rooting for our 'heroine', a social outcast living on the fringes of society, who fights personal demons whilst being wrongly accused of a string of grisly murders. On the surface a murder mystery, but ultimately a novel about being true to oneself.

Formulating this thought immediately led on to the realisation that something had happened to her - a good thing. She glanced towards her visitor again and thought that he had brought something else, much more important than spare ribs and Coke. His respect for her as a fellow human being had granted her a new kind of dignity. For some inscrutable reason he was the one who had found her here. She was made stronger by his unreserved interest and admiration for what he felt she stood for. During the last few days some of her normal instincts had seemed damaged beyond recovery, but now they were reviving. Most of all her instinct to fight against the odds.
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