The Virgin's Knot by Holly Payne

The Virgin's Knot

Holly Payne

An evocative novel of the 1950s set in a conservative Islamic community in the remote mountains of South Western Turkey. The book deals with major issues such as the role of art and craftmanship and the power of religion and superstition, whilst revealing ancient secrets and hidden longings. Nurdane, the weaver of precious rugs, has to endure crippling disability, live within the social confines of her culture and accept the will of Allah. Or perhaps not.

Emine stepped back and lit a cigarette. A cold wind rushed through the trees and shook the cherry blossoms like confetti.
You don't know the power that you have.
They're only rugs, Nurdane said, moving into the shadows so the woman could not see her face. Her brows scrunched in confusion.
There are miracles in your rugs.
Yes, Ermine insisted, running her hand along the cherry bark. Don't tell me that they can't cure my daughter.
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