Best of Young British Novelists by Ian Jack

Best of Young British Novelists

Ian Jack

There's mystery, mirth and melodrama in this disparate collection of short stories and novel excerpts from Granta. Best viewed as an introduction to a new generation of young British writers and their work.

In one fist, I notice, I'm holding a key. Its fob is made of viciously green plastic, translucent and moulded to a shape which illustrates what would happen if a long-dead ear were inflated until morbidly obese. I only know that it's actually meant to be a leaf, because it is marked with an effort towards the stem, the ribs and veins that a leaf might have. I presume I'm supposed to like this key and give it the benefit of the doubt because people are fond of trees and, by extension, leaves. But I don't like leaves, even real ones.
  • All Hail the New Puritans by Nicholas Blincoe and Matt Thorne
  • Barcelona Plates by Alexei Sayle
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