Case Histories by Kate Atkinson

Case Histories

Kate Atkinson

A new take on the crime novel? Or a sometimes satirical look at the darker side of family relationships? Private Detective Jackson Brodie, not without personal issues of his own, investigates three old cases of murder. The resulting quirky mix makes for a gripping read, whichever way you look at it.

'Jesus, Jackson, what happened to you?' The same note of reproach in Deborah Arnold's voice as in Josie's, Jackson noted.

'Yes, thank you, I'm feeling much better,' he said, making his way into the inner sanctum where Shirley Morrison was waiting for him. She visibly flinched when she saw him (and she was a nurse so he must look bad). He had a stunning black eye thanks to David Lastingham (the bastard), and he imagined that being hit over the head and lying unconscious all night in the open air had probably not improved his appearance.

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