The Night Watch by Sarah Waters

The Night Watch

Sarah Waters

Set in wartime London, this novel tracks the interlinking lives of the four main characters in a way that is totally absorbing. Vivid description of the time, the place and the characters make for a very satisfying and convincing read. Highly recommended.

So this, said Kay to herself, is the sort of person you've become: a person whose clocks and wrist-watches have stopped, and who tells the time, instead, by the particular kind of cripple arriving at the landlord's door. For she was standing at her open window, in a collarless shirt and a pair of greyish underpants, smoking a cigarette and watching the coming and going of Mr Leonard's patients. Punctually they came - so punctually, she really could tell the time by them: the woman with the crooked back, on Mondays at ten; the wounded soldier, on Thursdays at eleven. On Tuesdays at one an elderly man came, with a fey-looking boy to help him: Kay enjoyed watching them.
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