Jubilee by Shelley Harris


Shelley Harris

Jubilee Year 1977. An idyllic English village - An iconic photograph. Some people want to recreate it. But they were cruel children and Satish was an outsider then, but in 2012 he is not a child and must choose to be a survivor or a victim. Just the book for anyone who hates flag-waving, bunting, coronation chicken and the paraphernalia of the Jubilee. And if you love these things it could give you a bit of a sophisticated warm glow.

Satish had let go of Mandy and stepped back, but now she leaned towards him - was she holding his hand? - and brought her mouth up to his and kissed him on the lips. She took her time about it, Colette thought, and wouldn't Sarah be proud of that? It made her feel little, all of a sudden.

Her dad was gripping her hand hard. He had gone very still, and she craned upwards to see his face.

'Little bastard,' he said quietly, more a statement than an expletive. 'Little Paki bastard.'
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