Bitch Money by Joanna Traynor

Bitch Money

Joanna Traynor

Shocking, gut-wrenching and tragic: this book will not leave you unscathed. Johnno runs to Spain, away from his dysfunctional family and his life of petty crime. He dreams of ways to make a lot of money. But what is the real cost of money?


Money had been his only thought, these past few months. Getting it and keeping hold of it. If he had to pretend that money was important, there was no point in working hard and wasting it. Getting money, a brilliant cover for not doing much else, not having a good time. Treating it that way, he'd managed to save up a good deal of it. Perhaps his dad was right. That it only comes to those who have it and don't much need it.

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  • 8 Millimeter - the film

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