The Beast by Roslund- Hellstrom

The Beast

Roslund- Hellstrom

On one level an exciting crime novel as both the police and a desperate father search for a violent, escaped paedophile; on an other an examination of the effect of child abuse on the wider world including the abused and those who must live with or guard the perpetrators. The different voices used mean you'll need to concentrate, but I guarantee you'll keep turning the pages till the shocking ending.

Fuck's sake, what would the lads say if Hilding got away with the lot and kept farting about as usual? No way. No way! But he shouldn't have smashed the little shit up, not like that. Hilding had looked a right misery. They'd stitch him back together again, that's for sure, but he won't come back here. He'll transfer to Tidaholm, maybe. Or to Hall. That's how they always handle it.
And that fucking peddo Axelsson got away when he was warned off. he's hiding in seg now.
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Explicit sexual content