Snakeskin by John McCabe


John McCabe

A quick-paced novel which flits easily between different countries, cultures and personalities. Mixing the serious with the bizarre, McCabe creates a host of characters who are all intent on making as much money as they can as quickly as they can. With lots of twists and coincidences along the way, McCabe ties all the plots up nicely at the end, resulting in a satisfying and quite amusing read.

Archie emerged from the bathroom with his hands cupped, cradling a pile of dark brown hair, which he placed carefully on a piece of paper by the table. Next, he selected a folder marked 'Head Hair 2000', retrieved an empty envelope from within and wrote 'November' on it. To complete the task, he folded the papers slightly, and used it to ease his hair into the envelope, which he then returned to the folder. Satisfied, he walked back to the bathroom and examined his handiwork in the mirror.
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