One Day, Someday by Lynne Barrett-Lee

One Day, Someday

Lynne Barrett-Lee

A romantic story, enhanced by witty dialogue and observation of issues such as TV lifestyle programmes, indviduals' dilemmas and life choices. Funny and addictive.

Having collected Simeon from Del's, dropped both the boys at school, driven across Cardiff to take the cake-shop Micra back to the car rental office, waited for a taxi to take me back to Joe's house, been driven to same (massive, mock tudor, burgeoning magnolia, etc), waited outside for Joe to complete some sort of complicated manoeuvre involving a fax, an email and a bacon sandwich, taken the taxi with him back to the other side of Cardiff, involve myself with the intricacies of a trouser pocket to which I had no right (or inclination) of egress to his wallet, we fetch up at Excelsior Cars (a showroom of some distinction with a lot of flag poles outside) to pick up his Jaguar, at something approaching 10.30. Sod this for a job.
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Explicit sexual content