Ideas Above Our Station by Ian Daley (ed)

Ideas Above Our Station

Ian Daley (ed)

These fifteen stories by different authors make the ideal travelling companion. The short story format may be easily digested but the gritty, contemporary writing provides satisfying and appetising sustenance for the tedious lulls in every journey.

You know this thing that's playing on the news, on the tip of the lowliest and mightiest tongue - is a Godsend for us people. That's the truth. Your curse is my blessing, Mister."
He doesn't need to explain but maybe Dread figures it's impolite not to.
"Since it started, you know how much pressure been taken off us? It's like a nigger's never been a mugger, pimp or yardie. These days, I'm whiter than the single mothers, glue sniffers and granny rapists, man".
Can't deny his thinking. There's a new bad and mad man on the loose and this one transcends the easy distinction of colour. Yesterday's devil might have stolen jobs, houses and women, but at least he spoke the same language, ate the same meat and wore the same clothes. This one's completely different; more alien than another life form. If that's not bad enough, this new devil has a different way of believing in and dealing with God.
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