Skin Deep by John R Gordon

Skin Deep

John R Gordon

Get past the initial S&M encounter and you will find a complex and honest study of love and friendship, racism and homophobia in 1990's London. More serious than Tales of the City, this is a bitter-sweet story which left me with many questions but plenty of hope.


'Hold me, man,' Louis whispered in a papery voice, burying his face in Chris's chest. And Chris held him. Louis' body was feverishly hot and unexpectedly muscular. Powerful emotions passed through each man's skin where it touched the other, like particles of gold and lead flowing into each other as they do when bars of lead and gold are left lying next to each other for long enough. And all of history was long enough for the transfer to be made.

  • Giovanni's Room by James Baldwin
  • Tales of the City by Amistead Maupin

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