The Mermaid's Purse by Katy Gardner

The Mermaid's Purse

Katy Gardner

Atmospheric and disturbing psychological drama when Dr Cass Bainbridge leaves her comfortable life in London for a lecturing job in sea-side Brighton and finds that some of her students are not what they seem. It's easy to get sucked along with the sinister undercurrents which threaten to submerge Cass and force her, finally, to confront her own demons.

I place my hands around her face and move it firmly so that she cannot avoid looking at me. For a moment we are silent, staring at each other with an intimacy for which I am unprepared. What does she know about my past? To her, I am just an older woman in a position of responsibility from whom she needs support. If she knew the truth, how would she feel about me?

'Whatever happens,' I say slowly, 'I shall be here for you. So just trust me, OK?'

Looking solemnly into my eyes, she nods. 'Of course I'll trust you, Cass,' she whispers. 'I'll do whatever you want.'

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