Lowboy by John Wray


John Wray

A young man travels in the subterranean depths of the New York Underground on a mission to warn humanity that the world is about to end. He is being pursued by those who believe he is a danger to others. On his journey, he encounters an assortment of other disturbed people living under the city. Atmospheric, disturbing and scary. A convincing portrayal of youth and mental illness.

Skull & Bones, his state-appointed enemies, were forcing their way headfirst up the platform. Skull was a skinny milkfaced man, not much to look at, but Bones was the size of a MetroCard booth. They moved like policemen in a silent movie as though their shoes were too big for their feet. No one stood aside for them. Lowboy smiled as he watched them stumbling toward him: he felt his fear falling away with each ridiculous step they took. I'll have to think of something else to call them now, he thought. Short & Sweet. Before & After. Bridge & Tunnel.
  • 9987 by Nick Jones
  • Autofiction by Hitomi Kanehara