Ice Road by Gillian Slovo

Ice Road

Gillian Slovo

Follow the lives of a group of people joined together by family and circumstance as they struggle under the Communist regime leading up to the Second World War. All of them have personal battles, victories and moments of pleasure, but always they are aware of the precariousnes of their existence. Deeply moving, this is not an easy read, but very satisfying in its contents. Well worth the time you will have to invest.

She was always happy in those days. Waking up each morning with her husband Kolya beside her and their baby, Katya, in easy reach, she was filled with joy. It was as if her whole life had been lived in anticipation of this moment when she would understand what it was to feel so wanted and so loved. No - it was even better than that: she had discoveed a feeling that she hadn't known before, that wonderful sensation of being the active one, the one who feels priviledged to be allowed to love as well.
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