Early One Morning by Robert Ryan

Early One Morning

Robert Ryan

A book about Formula One racing in the 1920s and 30s? The Special Ops Executive and the French Resistance? Based on a true story? - this book really wasn't for me! How wrong can you be? I found it absolutely gripping from start to finish. It's the best kind of Boy's Own yarn but peopled with real characters and lives devasted by war.

Robert Benoist was convinced he was on fire. Smoke was drifting up through the cockpit to his nostrils. At the moment it was rubber and canvas, but he could tell from the pains shooting across the soles of his feet that flesh would be next. He tried to lift them away from the glowing metal of the footwell, but the revs dropped alarmingly. He had always complained about the heat from the exhaust that ran along the outside close to his shoulder, but that was nothing compared to this.
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