August by Callan Wink


Callan Wink

This is The Catcher in the Rye set in cowboy country. It's a tale about growing up and the decisions that have to be made whether by deliberate choice or through circumstance. As his parents’ marriage falls apart,, August has to make those choices. Shuttling between a farm in Michigan and a ranch in Montana, he meets all kinds of people who affect his life. Expect a beautifully-written coming of age story set against an epic landscape.


Bonnie and Dar were sitting at the end of the dock at Bonnie's parents lake house. Torch Lake stretched out in front of them, so blue it seemed impossible, unnatural, almost as if it had been dyed.  They were going to the Cherry Festival in Traverse City that night, and Bonnie had word a sundress for the occasion - white, decorated with a pattern of brilliant red cherries. She was slim, but her belly was just beginning to round out, and it was more noticeable, sitting the way she was, with the dress tucked up underneath her.

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