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Frank Ronan

A sharp, funny, and occasionally scathing look at both conventional and alternative religions. Having been raised a Catholic, I recognised many of the attitudes shown in the book, and both smiled and winced at them. The Catholicism is contrasted against the alternative beliefs of the hippie commune that Coorg is born into, but are both really that different from each other?

So, as usual, I did my best to make amends by going back to the sequence of prayers every time I woke. You had to say them all in the right order to be sure that you'd said them all, starting with the rosary, which could take up to an hour in itself. You could say it faster, by rattling through the Hail Marys, but, as the priest said, what was the point of doing it at all if you didn't think about the meaning of every word? And there are a hundred and fifty Hail Marys in a basic rosary, and it's not easy to think about the fruit of thy womb Jesus a hundred and fifty times when you're not sure what a womb is or how it came to make a fruit of Jesus.
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