Bullet Points by Mark Watson

Bullet Points

Mark Watson

Starts as if it's going to be a comic read, set in the dreary village of Witching, haunted by an ancient curse, but soon develops into quite a sad story, of obsession and envy. Peter chooses the same career as his friend and hero Richard. Both become successful psychiatrists in the States, but though likeable, Peter always focuses less on helping his clients than on his next career move. After all, it seems to work for Richard...

And there he was again... Even in territory I thought I had marked out as my own, even when I had an office confirming beyond dispute that I was the official Games psychologist, he hovered into view as the mental mentor of the infallible Lola Verdini. Mr and Mrs Perfect. I was left to work with the nearly girl, the gallant silver-medal prospect who had suffered as many brave defeats at Lola's hands as I had experienced setbacks trying to keep pace with Richard.
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