Unsafe Attachments by Caroline Oulton

Unsafe Attachments

Caroline Oulton

A volume of short, interwoven stories with a collective theme of infidelity. Characters crisscross the capital and the pages to linger in the memory long after the book has been closed. Would appeal to anyone who enjoys reading about relationships, but would not normally consider short stories.

One evening, when Alice was at a friend's and Paul was working late, the tight humid skin squeezing the city finally split open. Looking out at the novel downpour, Abi fretted about the deepening crevices in her family and in her hitherto impeccable career as a public servant, turning worries over and over in her mind. Maybe, just maybe, she thought, she could fight like a tiger and ride it all out. Alice, Paul and even her mum were tolerating her but avoiding her as well, and it was a lonely feeling. Were they scared of her, sorry for her or critical of her? It was hard to tell. Perhaps with the rain everything would finally calm down a little.
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