Two-Way Split by Allan Guthrie

Two-Way Split

Allan Guthrie

Make sure you have half a day free before you start this book because it demands to be read in one sitting! All the action takes place over a breathless two days of violence, robbery and top-notch gritty dialogue. A bungled bank raid, a convicted murderer looking for revenge, and a jealous husband are just some of the ingredients which make this a bloody success.


The PI leaped backwards with a yell. His hand fell from his face, tracing a dark curve on the pale wallpaper behing him. He leaned against the wall, snorted, spat into his hand. His mouth sprang open and his stained teeth chattered. He blinked several times, then said, in a thin, sticky voice, 'What was that for?'

  • Trainspotting by Irvine Welsh
  • Pulp Fiction - the film

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